Rapidata remains one of our most popular... more
Rapidata remains one of our most popular offerings. It is the longest running fast turnaround customer survey service in North America. It remains the best choice for professional, cost efficient data collection utilizing the best in telephone or online interviewing. The rapidata process is flexible and scalable to a wide range of applications of any size and budget.
  • rapidata uses your prepared survey-ready questionnaire, or a questionnaire designed
    for you using the professional guidance of Paul Allen Research.

Quick Actionable Results
The rapidata system is a fast, cost-effective, custom data collection technique designed to deliver completed questionnaires or data files ready for tabulation.

Complete marketing research support... more

Complete marketing research support, including study design, questionnaire development, fieldwork, tabulation, analysis and reporting. Examples include:

  • Consumer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Competitive Monitoring, Mystery Shopping Studies
  • New Product/Service Evaluation
  • Benchmark and Tracking Research
  • B2B Attitude Surveys
  • Creative Strategy Evaluation
At Paul Allen Research, we look for trends... more

At Paul Allen Research, we look for trends, through the identification of strengths and weaknesses and suggest a process for improvement, with the confidence that the information is based on statistically significant survey data. Through segmentation, differences by region, demographics, or product usage can be targeted

Experience based on the analysis of hundreds of research studies assures excellent reporting, augmented with recommendations to improve your marketing efforts.

"We help our clients meet the challenges of today’s ever changing marketplace with innovative ideas to gather and analyse data, then turn that data into strategic business insight.."

Paul Allen, President
"Personally, Paul, I appreciated your style of working. Your humour and enjoyment of people comes through so that cooperation is assured. hort, yIn sou were easy to work with while being challenging and probing when necessary."
CNIB, Ontario Division
In the past few years... more

In the past few years, generic, self-conducted online market survey services are now readily available on the Internet, many are free and others are low cost.

The advantage of these services is that they are quick to deploy and inexpensive. However, without the help of a research professional, you could develop an inferior survey design that could provide insufficient or misleading data that may lead to misinterpretation and poor decisions.

We can help by providing counselling on how to develop a correct question set and format to the survey template then assist in the survey programming, provide links to your database, interpret the results, prepare a PowerPoint presentation and present findings directed to your specific needs.

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We can help your company develop a unique marketing advantage with timely, in-depth research and insightful analysis.

A global bio-tech company questions market acceptance of a proposed new product.


Paul Allen Research  designs a survey that checks proposed market segments to determine a viable level of acceptance.


With segmented results, the research provides accurate estimates of market potential.